How To

How to Germinate your Seeds
Understanding of the requirements of successfully germinating from seeds is essential.

Care of Cast Iron Pans
There's no need for a non-stick pan when you have a seasoned cast iron.

The Desert Fridge Project
How to build a pot-in-pot fridge to cool food by 18ºF for extending storage.

Making tools with a forge
Blacksmithing is one of many professions practiced in traditional cultures.

Build a low-tech internet
Research group have developed a much cheaper network technologies.

A Houseboat that sails
Progress report on the design and engineering of the future home of Dmitry Orlov.

Homeless Urban Survival
This is how to survive in a settled urban area if you lose everything, including your home.

The Transforming Castle Truck
Two New Zealanders have created a 3 level road worthy house truck with its own turrets!

How to Cope with Total Failure
Not every attempt at self-reliance ends brilliantly, but each experiment leads somewhere.

Growing fruit in a nuthouse

Designing our orchards for economic collapse and climate-destabilization.

An Alternative for the Westside
Vision of small, family owned, sustainable farms instead of agro-chemical GMO fields.

The Anarchist's Shoes

Years of reading ads convinced me that a highly "technical" shoes enhanced feet. As if!

Skills for a Post-Peak future

Why wait for the power reserves to run dry? Start now and get a jump on the future.

Food Growing Proposal

Proposal for a food growing resource coordination for Kauai.

Rain Water Collection

Why? Less than 1/100th of a percent of Earth's water is drinkable and renewed by rain.

Hugelcultur Beds

How to enrich your garden soil by creating a raised Hugelkultur Bed.

Kauai Bucket Gardening

Keeping your family in food grown in 5-gallon-buckets along the side of your house.

Growing mushrooms on straw

You can grow delicious oyster mushrooms from a plastic bag of straw safely.

Building a Worm Farm

Instructions on building and maintaining a worm farm in your home.

Solar Ovens - Part 1

There are many kinds of solar ovens. Selecting one is determined by your purposes.

Affnan's aqauponics for beginners

A simple plumbing system to begin growing edible plants and fish in your own yard.

The Chinese Wheelbarrow

How to downsize a transport network to a sustainable human scale system.

Hints for Bamboo Building

What can you learn in a tiki bar? Introductory techniques for building with bamboo.

Permaculture Part 1 - Growing Zones
Part 1 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design Guidelines. Overview of zones.

Permaculture Part 2 - Multiple Functions

Part 2 of a 6 part series on Permaculture. Each element has multiple functions.

Permaculture Part 3 - Relative Location

Part 3 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Saving time and energy with context.

Permaculture Part 4 - Problems & Solutions

Part 4 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Trading disadvantage for advantage.

Permaculture Part 5- Design Diversity
Part 5 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Mix as many differing plants as possible.

Permaculture Part 6 -Use of Space

Part 6 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Stacking plants vertically for strength.